Native Americans honored the rainmaker who they believed could bring rain that would create prosperity.  In the modern world, a rainmaker is a person with the ability to make good things happen. Today the term rainmaker may apply to anyone from the salesperson who generates revenue or the engineer who finds innovative new products or the line supervisor who improves processes. A rainmaker may be the coach who brings out the best in people or the cheerleader who makes the team member believe in what they can do. In the purest sense, a rainmaker is someone who makes a difference.

Everyone wants to achieve more and be more successful! Unfortunately, many people develop habits that prevent them from achieving the level of satisfaction they want and deserve. Changing bad habits into good habits is the path to achieve success. Here are the trio of factors that move you from simply surviving to thriving; central ideas and concepts that you may find helpful in creating a better life. A life of purpose with financial security and optimal health.

 Life of Purpose 2  Financial Security 2  Optimal Health 2


Make Something Happen