Build Platforms for Success

So many followers concentrate their efforts on justifying their failure long before the failure is inevitable. A leader provides systems and planks to the followers platform that almost guarantees success.

It is a sad commentary that many who think of themselves as sales people are suffering from delusions of grandeur. They have rudimentary product knowledge and almost no sales skills.

Many organizations that rely on sales people concentrate almost all of what passes for sales training on expanding and improving product knowledge. When organizations seek to expand their understanding of sales skills beyond product knowledge it sometimes looks like a bag of tricks that can be employed to fool the potential buyers.

This is because they view a sale as a one time transaction and not the beginning of a long-­term relationship with the buyer. Indeed, the world of sales and commerce can be divided between those who view the process as a series of transactions and those who see sales as the creation and nurturing of long-term relationships.

The trap many sales people fall into begins with their training on how to sell. Well meaning trainers have been known to show them proteges how to overcome objections, get past gate keepers and manipulate buyers into deals that are more advantageous to the seller than the buyer. These tactics maybe good for accomplishing the short-term one time transaction, but they are counterproductive to building trust and creating long-term relationships.

This is a challenge that can best be illustrated by the automotive business. Every car dealer knows that people who walk into the dealership are highly likely to buy something in the next 72 hours. Their goal is to get them to buy something from them before they leave the premises.

Make Something Happen